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Salvador da Bahia — : "savior of Bahia" in Portuguese.

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Porto Seguro — : "safe harbour" in Portuguese. Begawan is a name given to Bruneian monarchs who have abdicated, originally coming from the Sanskrit word for "god": भगवान bhagavān.

Seri also comes from the honorific Sanskrit word Sri. Bandar comes from Persian بندر via Indian languages and means "port" or "haven" bandar means "town" in Malay. The city was known as Brunei Town until October 4, They were in constant conflict until when Wubri, a Yonyonse hero and an important figure in Burkina Faso's history, led his tribe to victory.

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He then renamed the area from "Kumbee-Tenga", as the Ninsi had called it, to "Wogodogo", meaning "where people get honor and respect. The spelling of the name Ouagadougou is derived from the French orthography common in former French African colonies.

List of national capital city name etymologies

The country changed its name from 'Upper Volta' to Burkina Faso in the s. If English orthography were used as in Ghana or Nigeriathe spelling would be Wagadugu. Burundi : Gitega —present :???

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Bujumbura — : Etymology unknown. Possibly involving the word for "market", or possibly derived from Kirundi word "jūmbu" meaning "sweet potato" iki-jūmbu or "copper" umu-jūmbu.

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Known as Usumbura from c. Legend has it that inan old nun named Penh went to fetch the water in the Mekong river and found a dead Koki tree floating down the stream.

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The hole of that dead Koki tree contained four bronze and one stone Buddha statues. Oudong — and — : Named after King Uthong.

The city's name is derived from the Sanskrit word: उत्तुङ्ग uttuṅga, meaning "supreme. Another theory is that the name "Pursat" is derived from Bodhisattva.

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Tuol Basan — : Etymology unknown. Angkor and — : The word Angkor is derived from the Sanskrit nagara नगरmeaning "city". Yaoundé — and —present : The name of Yaoundé is a deformation of the name of the Ewondo, originally ethnic groups residing here.

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Ewondo-speakers call Yaoundé "Ongola". Douala — and — : Named after the native Duala people.

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Ottawa : Named after the Odawa people whose name probably means "traders. Mont Royal in Modern French Toronto — ce este knina unui expert în tranzacționare Derived from Iroquois word "tkaronto" meaning "place where trees stand in the water.

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The city was known as Villa de Praia "Village of the Beach" from to Cidade de Ribeira — : "City of Riverside" in Portuguese. The current name is Cidade Velha meaning "Old City.

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Bangui : Named after the Ubangi River. Abiras — : Etymology unknown.

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