Tranzacționarea băuturilor din est

tranzacționarea băuturilor din est

Monetary policy is facilitated by a network of 50 Iranian-run forex dealers in Iranthe Middle-East and Europe.

In the "official rate" was abolished, and the TSE rate became the basis for the new unified foreign exchange regime.

tranzacționarea băuturilor din est

Thirty-one of the 88 brokerages active in the TSE are licensed to trade the futures contracts. The leverage for futures contracts is set at 1-to TSE will only deal in the derivatives through electronic trading. As ofequities tranzacționarea băuturilor din est corporate bonds e.

tranzacționarea băuturilor din est

Sukuk are being traded at TSE. The introduction of project-based participation certificates that bear a fixed annual return during the period of the project and promise the final settlement of the profit at the date of its completion, has diversified the market. As ofInitial Public Offerings IPOs will be conducted through the process of book-building instead of auctionfor more transparency.

New bylaw to facilitate foreign portfolio investment was ratified by the Council of Ministers in April Since then, as an incentive to investment in Iran, foreign investors in TSE are tax-exempt.

tranzacționarea băuturilor din est

In JulyTSE introduced six single-stock futures contractsbased on 2 companies which will expire in two, four and six months. Plan to increase coverage to 10 companies by March Futures on indices : originally expected by Enactment of anti-money laundering laws.

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See: Anti-money laundering laws in Iran. Setting up required mechanisms for tracking frauds and claiming against breach of market law.

tranzacționarea băuturilor din est

Creating efficient corporate governance and investor relations frameworks. Inthe TSE introduced more stringent reporting and disclosure requirements for listed companies and enforcement measures for non-compliance.

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